Why use aluminum foil packaging bags for food packaging?

November 25, 2022


Why use aluminum foil packaging bags for food packaging?

Food packaging bags use aluminum foil as the material. One of the points of interest is the good barrier properties of aluminum foil packaging bags, and the oxygen permeability is very low, which can effectively prevent air from entering the packaging to make the food oxidized and deteriorate, and isolate the outside air from entering the inside of the bag. On the other hand, the aluminum foil bag has a good shading effect, which can effectively prevent the food from being deteriorated by light. There are various forms of aluminum foil, which can be made into three-side sealed bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, vacuum bags, eight-side sealed bags, special-shaped bags, etc. With a good pattern design, the visual effects are very diverse. According to their own needs, food manufacturers can customize a variety of packaging bags that meet their own brand positioning. 

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